Range of Services of the Henschel KG

Since three generations Henschel KG stands for production of the highest precision and quality. We work on customized solutions which fit your construction and drawing requirements. Your company-specific quality requirements are our minimum standard of quality. Even if you only have roughly designed ideas, we are happy to stand by your side as professional partner and specialist in the field of special machine and prototype construction with extensive experience and are looking forward to being your consultant. In our in-house department we transform rough ideas into production parts, ready for use. Our core business is based on the production of small and medium series up to about 2.000 pieces. Our quality promise is obviously also valid for single productions which we implement individually, according to your requirements and with reference to economic aspects. Our company has a highly modern and efficient machinery. Whether 3 axis, 4 axis or 5 axis simultaneous processing – we always choose the most economical alternative in order to produce components according to your requirements.


The classical chipping technique is classified by the mechanical process of material separation. During the processing procedure, so called splinters are being cut off by the cutting or chipping of material layers. Like that, raw …


The field of application of EDM starts where the classical mechanic machining reaches its limit. The principle is based on a contactless, electro-thermic query process in which parts of the conductive product material are fuzed …

Surfaces & Refinings

According to the field of application, component parts are subject to highly complex requirements for which the state of the surface is of great importance. Functionality and aesthetics play an important role and it is …

Our quality promise

  • Use of highly modern CNC machines
  • Development of new technologies
  • Quality control, management and monitoring of all production processes – we offer a one-stop solution
  • Highly advanced and margin-free testing technology

Processing method

Just like we show an interest in your product requirements, we also apply the most efficient application method according to material characteristics for each manufacture. We combine conventional, precise working methods with technologies from our highly modern, high-performance, CNC-controlled machinery. Like that we can guarantee an economic production of the highest quality.

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